Why You Can't Convert Marketplace Maps

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Why You Can't Convert Marketplace Maps

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The Universal Minecraft Converter can convert worlds from almost anywhere. Marketplace worlds, however, are off limits.

The Marketplace is Great

The introduction of the Minecraft Marketplace has revolutionized the way we play Minecraft. The ability for build teams to reliably earn a living by building Minecraft worlds is incredible!

With the assurance of an income, the quality of worlds that can be produced is drastically increased. This means we all get to enjoy higher quality content than we would have had otherwise. The success of the Marketplace financially is a clear indicator that it's doing something right and that the community likes what's going on!

This makes one thing clear, keeping the Marketplace alive and strong is something that every Minecrafter should strive to maintain.

Protecting Builders

The build community is large and varied, but one thing is universally accepted: world stealing hurts the community!

If the converter was able to convert worlds purchased from the Marketplace to be played for free on other platforms, then the incentive to purchase worlds is lost. If build teams can't expect a return on their time and money invested, they might have to close up shop. This would result in much fewer worlds being built.

The Universal Minecraft Converter was created for builders, the lifeblood of Minecraft. Protecting builders will remain a top priority.


Mojang knows the importance of keeping Marketplace purchases protected. This is why they've implemented a clever solution to prevent world stealing.

Every world purchased from the Marketplace is encrypted so only the buyer is able to unlock it. This means that even if the converter tried to convert a Marketplace world, it simply wouldn't function.

Only Bedrock edition has this encryption in place, so converting a world to another platform would mean the encryption is lost and the world is vulnerable to piracy.


While it might sound like a good idea at first, converting Marketplace worlds would be detrimental to the community as a whole.

Build teams everywhere can rest easy knowing that their builds are safe on the Marketplace, and that the Universal Minecraft Converter will never convert protected Marketplace worlds.

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