Your Worlds Are Not Sent To The Servers

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Your Worlds Are Not Sent To The Servers

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Your Minecraft worlds do not get sent to the servers during conversion.

This article covers what gets sent to the servers.

What Gets Sent to the Servers?

Builders can rest easy knowing that their worlds are NOT sent to the Universal Minecraft Converter servers (That would take far too long anyway). Only small pieces of information about the world are sent.

The metadata about the conversion that does get sent to the servers for processing includes:

  • Conversion type
  • Date and time
  • Program and settings version
  • Chunk count
  • IP address
  • World name (can be hidden)
  • Proprietary metadata about the world (Not stored, read further for an explanation)
  • Error messages

Your conversion history is only visible to you and the server admins.

Authentication and Updates

When first opening the Universal Minecraft Converter, a request is sent to the servers to check for updates.

Next, it attempts to automatically sign you in using a session cookie.

Every subsequent request to the servers includes this session cookie to authenticate the request to ensure it's from a valid user.

Proprietary Conversion Data

Every conversion generates a proprietary file containing important metadata about the world being converted. This gets sent to the servers for processing.

As the conversion is happening, the converter reads this processed data from the servers in order to know how to operate. This enables the converter to withstand piracy because a conversion will only happen if this data was processed on the server under an authenticated user.

The data sent to the servers is confidential to protect the integrity of the anti-piracy measures, but it does NOT contain anywhere near enough information to construct a Minecraft world from.

For example, converting a world from Java to Windows 10 that contains approximately 10,000,000 chunks would only send a few Mb of proprietary data to the servers.

Furthermore, this proprietary information is not stored on the servers.

Attempts to circumvent or reverse engineer these protections are illegal. Please respect the users that followed the law and paid for the converter.

Hiding World Names

The Universal Minecraft Converter includes the world name being converted so it's easier to track your conversion history on your account dashboard.

However, if you'd like this data to be hidden from server admins, you can check the Hide World Names checkbox at the bottom of your account dashboard.

When this checkbox is checked, world names are completely redacted and are not saved to the servers.

IP Address

Every request sent through the internet contains an IP address. Every time you visit a website, or talk with a friend over Discord, or post a picture online, your IP address is inherently included.

In an effort to remain completely transparent, the decision has been made to include the IP address of every conversion to your conversion history. If the Universal Minecraft Converter servers can see the IP address the conversion request came from, then you should be able to see that too. This also enables easier detection of compromised accounts and deters large scale account sharing.

Automatic Error Reporting

One of the most important features of the Universal Minecraft Converter is it's automatic error reporting.

Every time a conversion encounters an issue and throws an error message, that error message gets sent to the servers. It contains the exact file and line number of the issue. This has enabled extremely reliable conversions because issues are resolved in minutes without you ever having to report them.

Why Choose This Method?

In previous software I've developed, product keys and hardware activation was used to license software. These proved to be extremely unreliable methods of licensing. They suffered from the following issues:

  • Product key management
  • Reactivation when hardware changes
  • Reactivation every 30 days
  • False positives due to virtual network cards and hypervisors
  • Easily pirated
  • Software stopped working after discontinuation

However with the account-based authentication and time-based payment model the Universal Minecraft Converter has, these issues are gone. Instead, the experience is improved for the following reasons:

  • No hardware checks
  • Sign in from any computer
  • Track conversion history for error reporting
  • Significantly stronger defenses against piracy


Your worlds are safe with you. Only the bare minimum data is sent to the servers for processing, and the additional information is extremely helpful for fixing issues during conversion.

All the information stored on the servers regarding your conversion history is visible to you on your account dashboard. It's the exact same information that's visible to the server admins.

If for whatever reason you are still not comfortable with this information being sent to the servers, you can always rename the world before conversion and/or connect through a VPN.

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