Universal Minecraft Converter Available Now! (v1.0.0)

20 Updates For 2020 (v1.2.0)

Universal Minecraft Converter Available Now! (v1.0.0)

Download/Setup Guide

Today is the big day! The long awaited Universal Minecraft Converter is finished and available for download.

Getting Started

To begin using the Universal Minecraft Converter to convert your worlds, you should follow the download/setup guide here.

Guides covering how to use the converter will be written and posted here in the coming days.

How It Works

Without going into too much detail, every conversion follows these basic steps:

  1. Input world is moved to a PC where the converter is installed.
  2. Input world is opened with the converter.
  3. The world is converted according to your settings and chosen output platform.
  4. The output world is saved and ready to be played!


Too many to list! But I did point out several notable features here.

The Universal Minecraft Converter manages to make conversions super easy while also being extremely customizable and accurate. Futher discussion of the converter's capabilities will take place in the podcast episodes here and on social media, so keep an eye out!


Each version of Minecraft is different. This means a perfect conversion isn't usually achievable. To resolve this, the converter makes use of clever workarounds and thoughtful replacements to make every conversion as accurate as possible.

For example, honey blocks don't exist on Xbox 360 edition. A poll was used to decide what the default replacement should be (slime blocks).

Everything is customizable, so if you disagree with a decision, you can change it in the settings.


No software is perfect, however the Universal Minecraft Converter has some clever tricks up it's sleeve to clean up bugs as fast as possible.

Every conversion is tracked and all errors are sent to a server with the exact file and line number of the issue. This means bugs can be squashed even if they are never reported!


For questions, concerns, or issues to report, visit the contact page to get in touch.

Thank you everyone who supported me on this wild journey to launch! Happy converting!

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