20 Updates For 2020 (v1.2.0)

Universal Minecraft Converter (v1.0.0)

20 Updates For 2020 (v1.2.0)

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It's been just over two weeks since launch, and in that short time, 20 updates have been sent out!

The main focus was bug fixing and improving reliability.

Converter Fixes

The launch of the Universal Minecraft Converter was exceptional, but software is never perfect on day one.

The past couple of weeks have been dedicated to ironing out as many issues as possible.

Here are some notable fixes:

  • Incorrect Bedrock to Java legacy terrain world height
  • Crashes while setting a block from a script in a void chunk
  • Custom flatland worlds ignoring damage values
  • Prune chunks setting potentially enabled by default
  • Validated item frame positions

There were also many minor changes made to blocks, items, entities, and tile entities that improved the accuracy of conversions.

Overall, the number of serious issues was very minimal. Currently, all known script errors are resolved thanks to the Universal Minecraft Converters automatic error reporting feature.

Website Fixes

On launch day, the email servers encountered very serious deliverability issues. The high volume of outgoing requests from a new IP led to blocks by major email clients. This led to a significant loss in the number of sign ups because email verification emails weren't being delivered.

To remedy this, a stronger dedicated IP was purchased and emails were rate limited to restore their deliverability. Emails were manually sent to all affected users with their verification link. There have been no issues since.

The servers held up phenominally to the steady stream of new users and conversions coming in. Powerful servers were purchased in preparation for launch, and thankfully the clustered configuration held up perfectly.

What's Next?

The Universal Minecraft Converter is now stable enough to start implementing major new features (of which there will be many). Squashing bugs and ensuring reliability will always be a top priority going forward, but here are a few very exciting features to keep an eye out for:

  • Bedrock to Java 1.12 conversion
  • Basic command block conversion
  • Map item conversion
  • Leashed entity conversion
  • Importing/exporting custom advanced settings profiles

The aim is to implement most of these features over the next few weeks.


The Universal Minecraft Converter's launch was a roaring success! Careful preparations were established in anticipation of any issues. Previous software releases have provided valuable experience and enabled this release to go very smoothly.

I'm looking forward to implementing these new features and continuing to provide a premium conversion experience.

Happy converting!

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