New Codebase! 1.16 Support and Multithreading (v1.3.0)

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This update marks the beginning of an even brighter future for the Universal Minecraft Converter!

1.16 Support

All the new blocks, items, entities, and biomes from the new nether update (1.16) are now supported!

A new chunk format was also introduced that was easily implemented thanks to the new codebase.


This is hands down the most noticeable change! Conversion times have been cut down significantly.

The converter will detect the ideal thread count of your computer's CPU and assign chunks to each thread. This means the Universal Minecraft Converter now converts multiple chunks at the same time!

The speed improvements will vary based on which CPU your computer has. If you have any CPU with more than 2 threads, you can benefit from multithreading. The improvements have diminishing returns as most of the impact is seen from the first 4 threads.

Here's an example of the speed improvements on a default 1.15.1 Java to Bedrock conversion:

New Codebase

The code that originally shipped with the launch version of the Universal Minecraft Converter performed better than any older converter in existence. However, there was still room for improvement.

As the launch deadline drew nearer, clean maintainable code took a backseat to working code written quickly. This resulted in a codebase that was optimized for very specific tasks without any room for changes.

When 1.16 released on Java and Bedrock editions, it marked the perfect moment to rewrite the code the way it was originally intended... clean and maintainable.

Here are a few benefits:

  • Convert multiple chunks at a time via multithreading (only for multicore processors)
  • Support for new (or old) chunk formats can be easily implemented
  • Support for custom namespaces (partially implemented)
  • Corrupt chunk skipping
  • Much easier to navigate through the code

There are also many small quality-of-life improvements which allows me to make better use of my time.


This new update lifts a huge weight off my shoulders as I can now focus on adding many new features without stressing over messy code.

Happy converting!

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