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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which platforms does the converter support?

The converter supports more platforms than any other previous converter. Click the link below to learn more.

Supported Platforms

Will I be charged automatically every month?

No. You will never be automatically charged. All payments are made up-front depending on which option is best for you.


The converter crashes when I click 'Start', why?

This is almost always due to overzealous antivirus software. They often block the converter from reading and writing files. Whitelist the converter in any antivirus and try again. Feel free to scan for viruses first if you feel uncomfortable.

Do I need to keep buying access time to play on my worlds?

No. Once you convert a world, you keep it forever regardless of whether or not you still have access time.

Does the converter support modded worlds?

Sort of. The converter will not convert the mods themselves, but it will still be able to input the worlds assuming the format hasn't changed and convert what it can. You can add additional support for some things through the scriptable settings, however no documentation has been made yet.

Why aren't there any free trials?

Free trials are often abused. Many users intend to only convert one or two worlds. The converter's pricing was set with those use cases in mind, the one month option being the most fitting.

Can you convert a world for me?

No. This would be unfair to users that have purchased the converter already.

What is your refund policy?

Sales are final except for specific cases. Generally speaking, if you've never used the converter yet or are unable to do so (using a Mac instead of Windows for example), a refund may be fitting. No refunds will be given after 30 days of the original purchase date.

Will my data be sold or shared?

No. Your data is not the product being sold, the converter is. Your data is private and will not be shared with advertisers or anyone else.

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