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Continue Playing Your Favorite Worlds on a Different Platform

Everyone has at least one world that they'll never forget. Moving to a new platform doesn't mean you need to leave your worlds behind. Whether it's a giant base, an adventure map you haven't finished yet, or something small and sentimental, the memories contained within those worlds are no longer constrained to the device they were originally played on.

The Universal Minecraft Converter can bring your favorite worlds onto another platform so you can pick up where you left off. Click the button below to find out which platforms the converter supports.


Experience Your Builds in a New Way

Each edition brings something new to the Minecraft experience. With the Universal Minecraft Converter, you can experience what every edition has to offer.

Explore your world in stunning RTX lighting. Export your build to make a high quality render to share online. Upload your world to a server and let hundreds of players live in your kingdom! Or simply expand your world size by converting from console to PC.

With the Universal Minecraft Converter, everything is on the table.


Convert Your Worlds to Play With Friends

Minecraft is better with friends, but what if your friends play on a different edition than you? The Universal Minecraft Converter solves this dilemma; simply convert your worlds, or theirs, and play together on the same edition.

Want to share your creations with the entire world? Convert them to every edition at the same time using the bulk conversion feature and upload them to your favorite world sharing site.


Leverage Building Tools From All Editions

Take advantage of the building tools from the talented developers working on third-party utilities.

Create your world with third-party software and then convert it to another edition. Or perform large-scale world edits on your existing worlds by converting them to one edition and then converting back. The possibilities here are endless, especially for build teams looking to increase their productivity and generate more revenue.


Trusted By Top Minecrafters

The biggest names in Minecraft rely on the Universal Minecraft Converter for accurate world conversion.

I decided to give the paid world converter a try and I was NOT dissappointed! This program works EXACTLY as you would expect it to... It's easy to see why I like this program.



Just converted my first world and it worked great!



I am so mindblown by how everything is working, how fast it actually is. It's super easy, so simple, it requires... like... NOTHING. Literally the simplest converter I've ever seen! It is just so, so good to use.



He has made a Minecraft converter that is literally THE BEST converter compared to everyone else. There are so many small details that it carried over... His converter is SO seamless.



If you want to convert your worlds between Minecraft versions, the Universal Minecraft Converter is a very good choice. It has a fantastic and intuitive UI, it’s customizable and works reliably. Support and updates are also great so far!



I highly recommend it to anyone producing Minecraft content or wanting to play their worlds on another platform. The whole conversion is super easy, seamless, and accurate down to the smallest detail. Worth every penny!



How It Works

The Universal Minecraft Converter was designed with ease-of-use in mind.

Select a World

Transfer the world to your PC (if it’s not already there) and open it in the Universal Minecraft Converter.

Supported Platforms


Choose the output platforms, adjust any settings, and then convert! Your world will be converted using the fastest conversion algorithms ever developed.


Save & Play

Save the converted world and then play it on your desired platform.

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